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What is Raketes?

Raketes is an outdoor, no-net paddleball game that originated in Greece. Unlike most racket games, players do not compete against each other. Rather, they work together to volley as long as possible, increasing velocity as their skill level improves. Raketes is played with a tennis ball and a wooden paddle that is oval in shape.

How to Play Raketes

Raketes is easy to learn and fun to play! Hit a tennis ball back and forth, without letting the ball touch the ground, as long as possible. To increase the challenge as skill levels improve, players will hit the ball harder and faster. To add competition, players can draw equal boundaries on each side with a neutral area in between. Then, follow basic paddleball rules or make up your own!


You can play this game in pairs, doubles, or any combination you can make work in the space you have! It's perfect on the beach, at tailgate parties, or in the backyard.

About Us

My wife and I are both Air Force veterans. After retiring from the military, we decided to start our own business. We love these Raketes paddles and hope you love them too!

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